U-64 M.I.D.C Industrial Area

Hingna Road, Nagpur

U-71, M.I.D.C Industrial Area

Hingna Road, Nagpur



  • Modern state of art manufacturing set up ensuring highest quality at competitive rates.
  • All manufacturing facilities are in house ensuring high level of control and assurance of highest quality and timely delivery.
  • Well-equipped bright bar division with straightening, peel and Centre less grinding machines ensuring exact size control of bars which are used for coiling. High tech magnaflux crack detecting machines ensure that only crack free rods are supplied for coiling.
  • Gas fired walking beam type hardening furnace equipped with automatic temperature controllers ensure that the rods are properly heated for achieving optimum hardness and minimum decrab.
  • High speed coiling machine with automatic end closing of springs ensures optimum proper geometry of springs coiled.
  • Quenching oil tank of adequate capacity with proper agitation ensures optimum hardness of springs coiled.
  • Gas fired indirectly heated conveyorised tempering furnace ensures proper tempering of springs for optimum heat treatment of springs ensuring long trouble free service life for springs.
  • High speed wet grinding machines to ensure proper end grinding of springs. Proper end grinding of springs ensures minimum out of squareness thus facilitating axial transmission of load.
  • High capacity quick acting scraccing machines for complete removal of permanent set in the springs which ensures longer life of springs without settling in services.
  • Multi head shot peening machines for shot peening of springs which ensures maximum intensity and coverage, this improves the load carrying capacity of the springs along with increase in its fatigue life.
  • Conveyerised powder coating facility for powder coating of springs which ensures rust prevention, increased salt spray resistance and smooth good looking finish.
  • Well-equipped physical and chemical labs for checking the raw material and heat treatment of springs.
  • Computerized load testing the spring loads endurance testing facilities for checking the fatigue life of the springs.
  • Separate packing and storage area for proper packing and storage of springs to ensure proper identification and traceability of springs.

Plant & Machinery

  • Taper rolling M/c
  • Hardening Furnance ( walking Beam )
  • Tempering Furance ( Automatic )
  • Shot-peering M/c
  • Scragging M/c
  • Centerless Gringing M/c
  • Surface Grinding M/c
  • Powder Coating Unit

Quality Test Equipment

  • Endurance Testing M/c
  • Hardness optical Tester
  • Demagnetizer
  • Load Testing M/c
  • Crack detection M/c for rods
  • Crack detection M/c for Springs
  • Chemical analysis lab