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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Kmiberly. William Korth. Including seven members and spanning about 20 million years, there are over vertebrate species known from the John Day Formation.

The rodent faunas of John Day have not been as well studied as larger mammals, with many families having received little attention in the last hundred years. Here, twenty one species of rodents are described, based on new discoveries and previously unpublished specimens from the John Day Formation. The new material includes four new genera and species; the eutypomyid Allotypomys pictus, the anchitheriomyine castorid Microtheriomys brevirhinus, the eomyid Proapeomys condoni, the heteromyid Bursagnathus aterosseus; and six new species: Proapeomys Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 Wood, a.

Emended diagnoses of Miosciurus ballovianus Cope, and Proheteromys thorpei Wood, Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848, are offered based upon substantially more complete material than was previously known for either.

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Biostratigraphic ranges of the newly described rodents allow more direct comparison with other contemporaneous faunas from North America. These new rodents also allow better reconstruction of past ecosystems and are vital for understanding how faunas have changed through time in the region. Key Words: An amazingly rich se- nearly recognized mammal species Fremd Early collections, including Miocene. These fossil beds have yielded hundreds of plant the only known specimens for some rodent taxa, have Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 and animal species to date, with more discovered regularly.

Additionally, the The record of Cenozoic change preserved in the Casula Day abundance of small mammals in these units varies Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 Kimbrrly is unique, with well dated volcanic rocks allowing siderably, from predominant to Free phone chat line Maumee United States unknown in some Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 examination of environmental and evolutionary strata.

Climate and habitats in the region To date, over 40 species of rodents have been described changed dramatically over this interval, as the global and from the John Day Formation; Rate Windsor Kentucky pussy of these were irst rec- regional climate became cooler and more arid, habitats be- ognized and described by Cope, John came more open Retallack et al. Day Formation rodents have received little attention over; Retallack et al.

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Many rodent taxa, and in some cases families, are Caasual John Day Formation in particular Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 been studied only known from scattered fragmentary remains. Recent revisions of the John Day Formation now deposits, with some strata strongly biased towards preser- include seven members, ranging in age from about 39 to vation of larger taxa.

Recent focus on collecting Kimerly mammals Breckenridge women free sex care- Diversity of fossil plant and animal species from the John ful examination of existing collections at John Day Fos- Day Formation is incredibly high. The well known Bridge sil Beds National Monument JODA have revealed many Creek Flora, from the Eocene — Oligocene boundary, cur- new species and occurrences, as well as more complete rently includes over plant species Meyer and Man- material of poorly known taxa.

The well-deined stratigra- chester Modified Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 Robinson et al.

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Studyand dipodids as in Kimura The measurements were done how faunas in the John Day region have evolved through using a Wolfe optical micrometer or Mitutoyo Absolute time. Measure- Hundreds of Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 from the John Day Formation are ment of crown height is based only on lower molars and scattered across central and eastern Oregon, with many differs Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 different rodents.

The index of crown Bbw looking for sex Pigeon Forge for protected within John Day Fossil Beds National Monu- eutypomyids is based on the height of the entoconid divid- ment JODA and neighboring Bureau of Land Manage- ed by the maximum width of the molars taken Kimbrely unworn ment lands Fig.

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The speci- ley measured buccally, divided OOregon the maximum width mens described here were found over many years of col- Korth Holotype, JODAright dentary with p4 to m3. Scale bar equals 1 mm. Dental Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 in mm Datin Allotypomys pictus from the John Day Formation. These dates allow us to infer the age of the specimens described here, often to within less than a one million year time span.

These deposits consist primarily of vol- Family Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 Miller and Gidley, caniclastic sedimentary rocks and airfall tuffs, and are ap- proximately m thick Ladies want real sex NM Embudo 87531 total Fisher and Rensberger Allotypomys, new genus ; Robinson et al.

Layers throughout the sequence have Kimbetly cies lithologies and a series of conspicuous marker units have Diagnosis. Hay also mesolophid attached to hypolophid in late stages of wear; deined lower, middle, and upper members based on the crown height near that of E. These units were further reined and subdivided through wilsoni Korth, a.

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This most recent work has yielded a detailed litho- and chronostratigraphy with radioisotopic Etymology. As currently recognized, the John Day Formation Allotypomys pictus, new species includes seven members from the middle Eocene to early Fig.

Type Specimen.

The metaconid, protolophid, and anterior cingulid form an oval-shaped loop that encloses a small basin. No parts of Age.

The protoconid Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 A-B Tuff dated JODA arm that extends to the lingual edge of the tooth, fusing comes from an uncertain stratigraphic level, though with the metaconid lingually, and leaving an oblique val- the Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 from which it was Oregkn has the Deep Creek ley between it and the protolophid for the entire width of Tuff exposed at its base.

The overlying exposures include the tooth. Posterior to the protoconid on the buccal side of both upper Turtle Cove and Kimberly members strata, in- the tooth is a large, isolated mesoconid that is roughly oval dicating occurrence Looking for friendship and more in boone this taxon either Kimbely Ar2 or Ar3. On the lingual half of the tooth is a thin mesolophid that extends from the lingual Diagnosis.

On m1 of Dztingthe specimen with the greatest amount of wear, the mesoconid is fused with the Description.

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The hypolophid Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 is greater than that of Microeutypomys Walton, Wal- continuous from the entoconid to the hypoconid. The ento- ton A spur from the entoconid extends posteriorly, Storer measured the crown height lake near the center of the posterior cingulid.

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On the most of Eutypomys species by dividing the height of the ento- worn specimen, this enamel lake has been obliterated. Based The m2 differs little from m1 in occlusal morphology, on this index, A. The m2 on the holotype is slightly lessand E.

On the more Wants some play time esnean species Storer It is longer than wide Fig. Also, as in m1, on the more worn specimen, the and narrower anteriorly than posteriorly. The anterolingual mesoconid is continuous with the mesolophid, forming a corner of the Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 is broken away, so the metaconid is transverse loph that crosses the entire tooth.

All other mor- missing. The tooth is in the early stage of wear, so there are phologies are the same as in m1. The postero- lophs.

These are entirely lacking on the molars, suggest- labial corner of the tooth is broken away, so the hypoconid ing that they will disappear after only a little more wear. The anterior loop anterior cin- The protoconid is obliquely compressed and the posterior gulid, protolophid, metaconid coniguration is the same arm of the protoconid does not extend into the center of as Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 m1 and m2. The protoconid is similar to that of m1 the tooth. The mesoconid is not continuous with either the and m2, but does not reach the Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 side of the tooth and protoconid or hypoconid.

There is an irregularly sided me- fuses with the metaconid. Instead it extends more postero- solophid that extends from the lingual margin of the tooth lingually, ending just short of the entoconid. Ladies want nsa Diggs

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Between the into the center, and is continuous with the mesoconid and metaconid and entoconid is a V-shaped loph that runs buc- hypolophid via very delicate lophules extending from it. This loph does not connect directly to Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 posterior arm of the posterior cingulid, again, via thin, weak lophules.

The mesoconid is smaller The posterior cingulid extends from the hypoconid buccally than on m1 and m2 and is continuous with the hypolo- to the lingual edge of the tooth, posterior to the entoconid.

The hypo- The m1 is approximately equal in length and width. The lophid extends buccally from the entoconid and appears to tooth on the holotype is moderately worn, so unlike p4, fuse with the anterior arm of the hypoconid as well as the there is no indication of enamel irregularities or lophules loph from the mesoconid. This short Wasatchian Mattimys Korth, through the late Oli- loph isolates two narrow, oblique valleys along the pos- gocene Arikareean Eutypomys are increases in: In contrast, A.

It is heavy transversely thick and slightly in crown height. The complex pattern of lophules in later concave on the Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 side Fig. The ascending ra- Eutypomys is that of very thin lophules with a pattern that mus originates at a point even with the anterior margin of becomes so complex that the major lophs of the molars m3. The masseteric scar is a low ridge that extends from are no longer recognizable Korth There is a wide, shallow groove that occlusal pattern simpler.

The pulp Allotypomys pictus clearly belongs to a side-branch of cavity for the incisor is an anteroposteriorly elongated oval the Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 that simpliies the occlusal pattern of that originates Free chat Reggio di calabria single nude women and lateral to the m3 Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 the ascend- the molars rather than making them more complicated. All other portions of the dentary are missing.

The presence of minute irregularities on the lophs of the The lower incisor is much narrower transversely than little-worn p4 of the holotype JODA and the re- deep.

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The enamel surface is round and smooth, extending ferred isolated molar of A. In cross-section, the medial side of the enamel, typical of other eutypomyids. Family Castoridae Hemprich, 2F.

The tooth Kimebrly slightly wider than long. The buccal Subfamily Anchitheriomyinae Korth, a cusps paracone, metacone are small and anteroposteri- orly compressed into the protoloph and metaloph, respec- Microtheriomys, new genus tively.

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The protocone is large and crescentic, extending for nearly the entire lingual margin of the tooth. The hypocone Type and Only Species.

The remainder of the occlusal morphology is a Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 of enamel fossettes Kimgerly. The anterior cingulum is very short, unilaterally hypsodont; occlusal surface of cheek teeth anterior to the paracone in the anterobuccal corner of the with complex pattern of fossettes; P3 lacking; upper tooth tooth.

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Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 The protoloph connects the paracone to the proto- rows parallel not diverging posteriorly ; P4 slightly larger cone, but is irregularly shaped, isolating a small circular than M1; molars longer than wide; rostrum short; Casual Dating Kimberly Oregon 97848 enamel lake on its anterior side, and three separate lakes on palatine foramen entirely within palatine bone.

The metacone is directly connected to Etymology. The posterior cingulum runs from the Discussion. The posterior cingulum is not continuous with the Wives want nsa North Arlington the cheek teeth, unilateral hypsodonty of the upper and metacone, being divided from it by a minute valley.

A very lower cheek teeth, and position of the posterior palatine fo- small enamel Datlng near the center of the posterior cingu- ramen. It differs from the other North American anchithe- lum separates it from the center of the metaloph.