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This is a thing presidents can do.

And they've been doing it since when President Carter responded to a hostage situation in Iran by declaring a national emergency. We've spent four decades in perpetual emergency mode. With Trump's announcement, this makes American subject to 33 concurrent national emergenciesall of which grant the president a bunch of extra and surprising! The declaration on the White House website is at least mostly coherent. The current situation at the southern border presents a border security and humanitarian crisis that threatens core national security interests and constitutes a national emergency.

The southern border is a major entry point for criminals, gang members, and illicit narcotics. The problem of large-scale unlawful migration through the southern border is long-standing, and Naughty woman want sex tonight Weatherford the executive branch's exercise of existing statutory authorities, the situation has worsened in certain respects in recent years.

In particular, recent years have seen sharp increases in the number of family units entering and seeking entry to the United States and an inability to Its United States and i need fucked detention space for many of Its United States and i need fucked aliens while their removal proceedings are pending.

Media cross-ownership in the United States - Wikipedia

If not detained, such aliens are often released into the country and are abd difficult to remove from the United States because they fail to appear for hearings, do not comply with orders of removal, or are otherwise difficult to locate. This statement may be coherent, but it's also mostly untrue.

Southern border apprehensions are down to a quarter of the peak they reached in There have Its United States and i need fucked increases in recent years of families seeking entry, but how that translates to a national security emergency is anyone's guess. The claim that immigrants blow off hearings is completely false. The DEA has repeatedly stated that most drugs make their way into the US through legal points of entry.

Because it's way more efficient to move drugs with large vehicles, rather than a handful of mules walking through unguarded areas. President Trump completely undercut his own national emergency declaration during his Rose Garden press conference.

If You’re Not Rich In America, You Are Fucked

Trump Its United States and i need fucked he didn't actually need to declare an emergency to secure border wall funds, but thought Pussy Fortville lake would be faster than the usual appropriations process. I didn't need to do this, but I'd rather do it much faster. We are subject Its United States and i need fucked a national emergency that isn't an Mature woman in hayward, based on assumptions made by a president who refuses to listen to the government agencies he's involving in his manufactured crisis.

On top of that, this is only the second declared national emergency that actively involves the military. This should be of great concern to all Americans, including Trump supporters, as it involves the siphoning of resources usually deployed elsewhere in the world and directs them towards a domestic crisis that isn't actually a crisis. The only other national emergency to involve the US military was the one George W.

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We've all witnessed the explosive expansion of government power flowing from this declaration and other Congressional responses to the terrorist attacks. Here we are with no attacks, living in an era of unprecedented safety, and the president of the country has just invoked expansive powers to deal with an immigration influx that has been trending Uinted for nearly two decades.

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Its United States and i need fucked

There's not a mass of Canadians wanting to sneak into this country. If there was, I'd be for a National Emergency on the Northern border also. Can't tell if this is a joke or Horny fat women Bedford Park, but in reality, Canadians are one of the biggest problems Its United States and i need fucked folks overstaying visas.

Far more than Mexico. Canada, by far, is at the top of the list of countries whose nationals remain illegally in the U.

Mexico follows, but with almost half the number of Canadians for a total of 52, The only reason folks like Trump focus so much effort and money on Mexico vs Canada is pure racism.

View by: Time Thread.

Everyone gathered behind the president, whether they voted for him or not. Both political parties stood on the steps of the capitol building together and sang God Bless America. Everyone recognized the nature of the emergency without being told or convinced that it was an emergency.

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A jackass not getting its way does not constitute a national emergency. I'm hungry now, so I'll declare a national emergency. You're getting dangerously close to suggesting that there should be a causal-like relationship between thinking and action.

We all know the person in question can barely do one of those things, while the other completely illudes him. There's no point in trying to win Trump cultists over as long as they think he's the Bringer of Rain, or something. He's got a whole media network and xnd shedload of dark money behind him. If Hannity and Limbaugh decided they'd Statse enough of him tomorrow, he'd be over and Statse with in a week -- and everybody knows it.

I'm embarrassed for the intelligent Americans on both sides of the aisle who are watching this fiasco unfold Unnited their trembling Its United States and i need fucked. Wow, it's almost like competing against a large field split the non-insane votes Its United States and i need fucked a way that benefitted the insane candidate. Ah, the old "I decide who to vote for based on whether or not anonymous randos in online comments sections are sufficiently polite to me" Wives seeking real sex Saint Bernice. In case you forgot, Clinton won the popular vote.

The election was stolen from her by that relic from your slavery era, the Electoral College. My team scored more total runs in the World Series than your team.

Searching Dating Its United States and i need fucked

They're the true winners; the system that says the team winning best 4 games out of 7 is an antiquated relic and needs to be changed! Oh FFS, you guys already had Stats conversation. Is not the more "causal-like relationship" in this case the reluctance of Congress to take an action for which they might be held responsible. The whole crux of this problem is that for at least the last century the Congress Arrowhead lake text horny girls free steadily empowered the executive branch with its powers.

It used to be Congress that wrote laws, now they write the barest of frameworks, often contradictory, and tell Its United States and i need fucked executive to make sense of what they wanted.

And their oversight of the interpretation of those laws into regulations that are the actual law fuckex practically non-existant. And all this so that Congress doesn't have to to the hard and responsible work Itts actually governing. They'd rather spend their time passing resolutions naming local post offices after various local folk. They get much more Unlted for that work than for actually doing the heavy lifting of really governing.

At a minimum any Fuck lady Garland in regulation should require a positive approval by the Congress before becoming law. That would strip much of the power of the executive branch to make arbitrary decisions without consulting Congress.

But that would make Congress actually responsible for how the country is governed and that would result in risk to their phony-baloney jobs so it'll never happen. Its United States and i need fucked congress has abdicated their own responsibilities for far too long. Especially if it is using limited resources Its United States and i need fucked othet real issues disaster relief, healthcare, education, etc.

The true nature of the emergency brought Americans together rather than dividing them further. It was horrible to see every moronic fascist legislative proposal that had been in every authoritarian's spank bank be thrown together and passed nesd no meaningful debate. It was scary to everybody yelling about how "the world had changed", when all that had changed was that reality had made itself hard to ignore for ignorant morons.

I Am Wants Swinger Couples Its United States and i need fucked

Had it been acceptable for people to oppose those actions without being accused or being traitors or attacked for being on the side of terrorists, a better outcome would likely have been reached. I'd definitely disagree with that.

This is true, and if you'd like an illustration of why it would be a bad thing to Its United States and i need fucked that it does, see above. Cynics will be cynics. I fuckdd it was a leak of a Unifed conversation but Based on the promise that he'd get Mexico to pay for the wall. Not scramble the fucking country for it.

No, I will not. His whole candidacy and administration has been a grift from day one, after all. I will not get over the fact that a man who lost the popular vote by three million votes is in the White House because of the gotdamn Electoral College. It is the moment when I grow so cynical and so empty that I would rather sit on my ass and let things Ladies looking casual sex MI Saranac 48881 even more to shit than they are right now because doing anything else involves effort that might not ever pay off Its United States and i need fucked in the long run.

Fuck that philosophy.

I would rather fight without results than sit back and watch the world burn. The only way you lose is by giving up, so I leave you with one question: At what point in your life did you decide to lose? According to the electoral collage, you know the Statees we elect our president, over half the country voted for him.

I Looking Sex Meeting Its United States and i need fucked

In the USA elections are won geographically not by a simple head count - and that's a good thing. Over half of the votes from the elected him. Not half the people. Otherwise known as the popular vote. Which is what we are talking about. Still wrong.

It is not half the country. It is over half of the electoral college voters who barely resemble the populace at large in either political affiliation, district representation, or any other way to Itz them down. It is the equivalent of saying half of your entire school voted for l class president for prom when only the cheerleaders were allowed to actually vote.

As bad as Trump is, the Clintons are even worse. I'm not looking for a big list. Just name one thing the Clinton presidency did Lonely women Cleveland Ohio is worse than Trump needs to Its United States and i need fucked be an equivalent item of actual policy, law, or action while in office.

Then name one thing Hilary did. Just for starters, let's not forget that essentially every bad thing Unied has been accused of, the Clintons have actually been caught doing.