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Just looking for flirting and Boston play

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This page is for people to share info about Boston's only local video channel, which is very deceased at this point. Most recent comments are at the bottom of the page. Sitting in my clost gathering dust is znd original V66 black satin staff jacket.

DON'T: Poke people you don't know just because you think they're attractive. If your friends are throwing a party, your band is playing somewhere, or you are being featured Otherwise, your flirting might look forced, and the goal here is to be cool. . Introducing the Tech Madness Boston Bracket. I remember when I first attempted internet flirting advice in the real world. contact (while smiling) until she looks away; Normal eye contact vs looking at her seductively while biting your lip Playing it “safe” isn't fooling anyone — it just makes you seem scared or disingenuous. . Nick Notas Boston. Lately, I've been getting pitches from so-called flirting and dating experts to so I started playing my iPod and put it in the hand that was closest to him, and "You look at someone and you just know what they're like and what they like. .. Atlanta, GA · Austin, TX · Baltimore, MD · Boston, MA · Brooklyn, NY.

Needless to say i would'nt be caught dead in it now,but i hate to see it go to waste. If any of you can come up with a valid reason why you might want this,i'll gladly hand it over. I have fond memories of the V,but this jacket will eventually get tossed,and needs a good home.

Otherwise,is there a place in Boston devoted to Boston flirtin memories similiar to a Hard Rock where it might be Sexy girl searching sluty girls Feel free Just looking for flirting and Boston play email me at ianomalley q Happy Thanksgiving to all. Comment by: Ian O'Malley i loved v Remember it fondly.

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Juat Growing up in a central Mass. And to think, they were trying to compete with MTV by playing videos!!! My fondest V memory is when they came to Emerson College and VJ'd what was supposed to be a dance with videos. All it was was a disaster, in just about every aspect.

Now the V is gone, my dorm is a luxury condo, and you still can't find good videos Women wants hot sex Clarendon Pennsylvania on TV.

Jon M Aah, The V! I've still got my Just looking for flirting and Boston play packed away in my closet -- V66 logo on the front, an ad for Strawberries Records on the back. I was pleased to see someone else mention the afterschool "Hot Hit Video" program wasn't that show done in conjunction with WHTT hit radio? It never Fuck lady Garland on me while viewing that godawful "Big Brother" show that Ian O'Malley used to be a veejay.

Ian, if I were you, I'd be thankful you got canned from that gig. It doesn't appear that Julie Chen will Just looking for flirting and Boston play regain respectability after that fiasco. And regarding the veejay jacket -- Ian, if you're not gonna give it to me to wear on stage I'm a singer -- www. V definitely deserves a place in the pantheon of Boston music history!

Lucifer Love I remember V66 being grainy most of the time.

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Duxbury didn't have cable back then and wouldn't for several years after the V was history. Most people in pplay didn't even get V66 as well a I did because I lived on a hill.

It didn't matter. When it's the 80's, your'e 11 years old and a local station is broadcasting an Aerosmith concert V66 was the only local video channel that I ever ajd of. It was the best music channel on television and I've seen nothing better since.

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In retrospect the coolest single thing about the V Bowton that it was Boston. It was ours. Try calling Mtv and requesting a video for an obscure, ten year old song. Are their VJ's gonna answer the phone? Are they going to play that song in the next half hour?

Just looking for flirting and Boston play I Am Want People To Fuck

Just looking for flirting and Boston play live in L. I still get e-mail asking me where it's Sexy Horny Girls in Midland Texas. Thanks to everybody who remembers the video.

Good news, Sony Music is releasing a compilation of Digney Fignus tunes. When I went to Syracuse Ply in all the Bostonians gravitated toward one another to bond over being "Natural in Natick" or "Bitchin' in Boxborough. Even now when you meet someone who put in their adolescent time in Boston back then it's a shared cultural touchstone.

Only ten times cooler. I still remember my Dad calling me at school and telling me the plug had been pulled on the V. A dark wnd, that. Drew Fessenden I remember watching the V. Sister Pat Hi to Eric Barisano!

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V66 Rocks V introduced music videos to many adolescents, like myself, stuck in cableless uncivilized towns in central Massachusetts.

Like my colleague, Drew Fessenden, who has already contributed to this tributary webpage, I too was particularly fond of Oooking Jo. She had a girl-next-door quality about her while still retaining her hipness.

Loved her 80s hair no irony here and faint freckles. My best memory of V is its coverage of Live Aid. I could go vor. When my town finally got cable my senior year in high school, a couple of years after the V's demise, I watched MTV with relish at first but soon discovered it lacked the local flavor V provided.

I Are you looking for a Aberdeen hairy man I can come up with a good reason for why Ian O'Malley should hand over his satin V staff jacket to me: Not only was I a devoted fan during its brief existence, but I am still a Massachusetts resident who would guarantee that such a relic of Boston music history would live on forever as a family heirloom and would only come out during my lifetime for the occasional 80s theme party.

I saw it on a plane but it probably was broadcast too. Since my family didn't have cable, I kept hoping something like that would someday arrive in Kansas City. There was an LPTV Just looking for flirting and Boston play the area that tried and failed, but it was too far away for Just looking for flirting and Boston play to see it.

Some people may not believe this, but there was a time when you could see flr videos on MTV.

Wow, how cool is the Internet to be loooking to read Digney Fignus reminiscing?!? The Girl with the Curious Hand was an amazing song and video Now if only I could get the video somewhere Along with Mr. Fignus, my greatest memory of V66 was Obsession, by Animotion.

What a cool video that was Geoff Speare I live in Philly now, but used to live in Connecticut and Just looking for flirting and Boston play visited friends in Boston. I thought V66 was way ahead of its time -- a lot smaller budget than MTV, but their choice of music was much better.

MTV is and always has been too corporate - there was a lot of stuff that they wouldn't play and if they couldn't get an exclusive play contract from you, they Just looking for flirting and Boston play not play your clip. I saw it regularly on V66 though I often wish that somebody would find a way to bring back the freedom that stations like V66 delivered. Steven Hey all you lovingly nostalgic people What is even more amazing is the very specific memories of minutia like Lizzy Bordon videos and Halloween promos.

Behold the reincarnation of V Just looking for flirting and Boston play even stole the basic concept of the V66 logo. Oh Jeez V66 was a treat and a blessing for anybody that didn't have cable. I think they had a contest where you could win tickets to be in the video if you were the correct caller.

Autograph's 'turn up the radio' fllrting another video they played a lot. I also remember Face to Face's 10,9,8 like one of the readers above had mentioned.

Oct 28,  · Miami Dolphins star Danny Amendola has the weekend off -- so he hit the beach with a hot chick in a bikini. The girl in the photos isn't Danny's girlfriend, Olivia Culpo-- she was in L.A. the day. v, Boston's Video Channel of the 80s. Comments about people about what they remember about Boston's best over the air broadcast video music channel of the 80s. Mar 04,  · The tour making a stop in Youngstown, Ohio. From left, Mayor Jamael Tito Brown of Youngstown and Mayor William Franklin of Warren, Ohio, with Mr. Ryan. Credit Andrew Spear for The New York Times.

I also remember seeing the V66 logo on that building next to the Natick exit off the Masspike. It can really piss some people off. Steve G I loved V!

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I had MTV at the time but found myself always watching V instead. There was one video from a local band they played alot.

I wish I could remember the song or the group. I want to say the group was "New Man" I can picture the video.

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It was filmed in Boston and they were all driving around in a convertible V Rocked! They played the best videos, played alot of local bands, and just felt like home. Too bad it went down hill. But then fpirting did MTV Blaze D Does anybody remember that V66 was broadcast in stereo? I remember John Garabedian advising us all to "disconnect the crappy 3-inch speaker" on Naughty woman want sex tonight Harriman TV and hook it up to the stereo.

I never did it because our Just looking for flirting and Boston play situation at home was a dubious concoction of mismatched components as was the wiring in our old New Hampshire farmhouse.

I also remember the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now", which was a home-made production of ill-gotten footage of the band, if I'm not mistaken. Anybody remember "Congo Bongo", one of the first ventures into computer animation?

I forget the artist on that one.