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Seeking fwb and or married confidant Looking Dating

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Seeking fwb and or married confidant

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Seeking sugarbaby 39 yr old generous male seeking for sugardaddybaby relationship with the right girl.

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Trr gmail.

BK Waddles into the Ring! Looking for a sweet and kind girl to have babies with. Looking for more partners! Help me birth! Let me try!!!

KIK RP! Kik Marrief Dark Male Pregnancy Role Plays! RP anon. Post your handle, preferred partner or partners, what you're into, what you're not into, Seeking fwb and or married confidant how best to contact you. If you want to make a detailed and readily-accessible profile with your likes and dislikes on it, F-List is a good site to use, even if you're not a furry.

Now get socializin'!

CaptainCapitalism here. I really prefer to RP with girls, though that population is pretty sparse in this community. As for what I like? Aside from having at least a high-school level grasp of writing in Fqb, just check out my gallery. You'll get the idea. I guess I'll just be random anon til I can figure out a handle lol.

I honestly don't care if you're a guy or girl, I tend to like being the girl anyways so no worries heh. I'm into anything focusing on non human pregnancy and birth, Need a girl who can squirt pregnancy, expansion and all that jazz.

Not always on it, but leave a message anyway so I can get back to you. I'm an absolute RP fiend and have been RPing for years. I'm into some pretty fucked Seeking fwb and or married confidant things and normally I wouldn't really bother posting on pregchan looking for RP.

But I figure why not. If you wanna know more, it shouldn't be hard to find me on f-list. Be warned, my profile is creepy and out of date, which only half of is intentional.

I'd love to RP pregnancy and birth. I like longer, more descriptive RP where I usually write about a paragraph or two per message. I'm open and laid-back, without any hard limits yet. I'd prefer a long-term RP partner and to try some weird stuff too.

I don't care about gender, just be pregnant and female real or pretend. Please message me via Reddit Seekihg to bigbunnyboy I wanted to use email, but apparently everyone thinks I'm a spammer. If you can't, just leave a response here and I'll check back and see what I can do.

I'll be waiting. Well I didn't want to be the first to do post my info, so. Ot happy to talk to ladytypes interested in pregnancy and all related things. If you'd like to chat, send me an email at doombeez gmail.

I don't think I have enough of an Internet presence to warrant a handle. Anyways, I roleplay pregnancy and other expansion-related things. I'll just list a few likes and dislikes.

Seeking fwb and or married confidant

Anything else, uhh… ask? Large pregnancies, magic, inflation, anthros and kemomimi catgirls, etc. Stuffing, WG, Loli Dislike: RogueFoxboy Yahoo: CannedGeek Skype: It's unconventional, but I've tried to make a setting for other people to play in.

My God, Houyo! Mount Albert list is absolutely delightful! I just wish there were more out there like us! It's actually kind of embarrassing cause it gets to the point where I can't remember what's Ladies looking real sex Munson Pennsylvania 16860 written on my profile anymore without checking.

You're welcome to share what you liked about it though over more private channels though. Hey, figure I'd throw a line Seeking fwb and or married confidant here as well.

Seeking fwb and or married confidant

I'm into enormous pregnancy and mpreg though I generally prefer being on either side, partners who can accommodate would be greatly appreciatedas well as a variety of inflation and transformation scenarios. F-list with contact info- https: Surprised to see a lot of people I ad noticed on f-list browsing here, too!

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I'd post my profile, but my schedule makes it too hard to do anything with half the people I know already…. I have a deviantart, CycloneHero, but I'm not very active. IT meaning pregnancy and breeding style play. Just giving a wave to the group… now going back to lurking lol. Hello all, best way Seeking fwb and or married confidant contact is at trr gmail.

I'm into preg expansion and multiples, love magic and any means of large pregnancies. I prefer to play the pregnant woman, but can just as easily play the Seeking fwb and or married confidant characters. I prefer humans and mythical creatures, but I can work with furries. Really the only Ladies seeking hot sex Cowen are scat, gore, and one liners.

Please email with any ideas for scenarios. Might as well throw in my contribution as well since I have already posted here.

I am on f-list as well, though I am a bit worried as my kinks list marrried not for the faint of Seekihg and if you are not into extremes, best move along.

Also, and I know this is kind of missing the point a bit, but I am not actually trying to set up for RP's but rather idea share. I have a rather sick and twisted imagination and absolutely love bouncing story and RP ideas Seeking fwb and or married confidant and see what places I can take them.

Don't care what gender. Want to pick my brain a bit, fire off a message at me in f-list.

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I might be blind, but I don't think I see it. Right, sorry. Again, word of warning, I live in a world of extremes. Do not enter lest ye be strong of heart. As was said before, not going to be doing any RP'ing it confodant end rather poorly.

Seeking fwb and or married confidant I Wanting Sex Meet

So I am leaving that as my only avenue of communication. Seeking fwb and or married confidant for the inconvenience. Hey, been browsing this image board for a while now, the new one and the old one. I'm a Seeking fwb and or married confidant male roleplayer looking for female roleplay partners. If you think this is conidant you, you can catch me on Skype: I have done roleplay before but I have never done pregnancy roleplay before.

I am into everything except for mpreg and gore, maybe I few others, I don't know. I am looking for female roleplayers. My AIM is Budd I do lots of breeding and other types of pregnancy, like unbirthing to becoming fab or eggs if that counts. Love anything thats Old lady want sex in Eccles normal or average. Decided confodant leave my f-list here, too. A lot easier than just explaining everything.

If anyone is interested, this is my YIM: Decided to put my foot in the water because new board, why not?

I'm fine with both male and female roles. I look forward to hearing from you! Confixant we really care about the gender of the partner? Like all the f-lists posted. D I never bothered to do a f-list, just didn't care to. I like my RPs on second life more.