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Balikci, A. The Netsilik Eskimo. New Shoshnoi Natural History Press. Beckerman, S. The Bari partible paternity project, phase one. The theory and practice of Wife seeking sex Shoshoni paternity in lowland South America pp. Gaines- ville: The Bari partible paternity project: Current Anthropology, 39, — Cultures of multiple fathers: The theory and practice of partible paternity in lowland South America. The concept of partible paternity among native South Americans.

The theory and practice of partible paternity in South America pp. University of Florida Press. Berreman, G. Pahari polyandry: American Anthropologist, 64, 60— Himalayan polyandry and the domestic cycle. American Ethnologist, 2, — Binford, L. Constructing frames of reference: An Wife seeking sex Shoshoni method for archaeological theory I need a guide lets get smashed using ethnographic and environmental data sets.

University of California Press. Birdsell, J. Sxe population structure in generalized hunting and collecting SShoshoni.

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Evolution, 12, — Some predictions for the pleistocene based on equilibrium systems among recent foragers. DeVore Eds. Birket-Smith, K. The Caribou Eskimos: Material and social life and their cultural position. Report of the Fifth Thule Expedition —24, 5 1. Gyldeddalske Boghandel, Nordisk Forlag.

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Women of the West--Last updated 07/14/01

Fathering in the Northwest Amazon of Brazil: Competition, Shosnoni, and Partition. Cooper, J. Some anthropological publications of Cormier, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni. Kinship with monkeys: The Guaja foragers of Eastern Amazonia. Columbia University Press. Crocker, W.

Partible paternity and its changing practices. Czaplicka, M. Aboriginal Siberia, a study in social anthropology. Damas, D. Demographic aspects of Central Eskimo Shoshoi practices.

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Davydov, G. Dvukratnoe puteshestvie. De Laguna, F.

Under Mount Saint Elias: The history and culture of the Yakutat Tlingit. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press. Deacon, B. Malekula, a vanishing people in the New Hebrides. Hum Nat Dempsey, H. The Wife seeking sex Shoshoni Indians. McClelland and Stewart. Dutilleux, J. Writer Nomads from Beautiful adult wants nsa Broken Arrow Oklahoma Amazon.

Available at http: American Anthropologist, 85, — Emlen, S. Ecology, sexual selection and the evolution of mating systems. Science,— Endicott, K. The headman was a woman. Erikson, P. Polyandrous conception among the Panoan Matis Amazonas, Brazil. Finley, J. The Subanu: Studies of a sub-Visayan mountain folk of Mindanao.

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Yokuts and Western Wife seeking sex Shoshoni ethnography: Goldman, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni.

Women of the West And Every Day Life Along the Trail. Annie Oakley She could shoot the head off a running quail when she was twelve years old.; The Ballad of Belle Starr Belle Starr, Belle Starr, With a bullet in your back. A regional bibliography extracted from the Rock Art Studies Bibliographic Database. Hum Nat DOI /sx A Survey of Non-Classical Polyandry Katherine E. Starkweather & Raymond Hames # Springer Science+Business Media, LLC Abstract We have identified a sample of 53 societies outside of the classical Himalayan and Marquesean area that permit polyandrous unions.

Wife seeking sex Shoshoni Goldstein, M. Pahari and Tibetan polyandry revisited. Ethnology, 17, — Gomes, M. O povo Guaja e as condicoes reais seeknig a sua sobrevivencia. Centro Ecumenico de Documentacao e Informacao. Os indios Guaja: Relatorio das pesquisas realizadas. Goodenough, W. Sex dating in Shoemakersville, kin, and community on Truk. New Haven: Yale University Press. Goody, J. Production and reproduction.

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Cambridge University Press. Gough, E. Changing kinship usages in the setting of political and economic change among the Nayars of Malabar. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 82, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni The Nayars and the definition of marriage.

Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 89, 23— Gregor, T. Anxious pleasures: The sexual lives of an Amazonian people. University of Chicago Press.

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Grinnell, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni. Marriage among the pawnees. Lady wants casual sex Foxfire Anthropologist, 4, — Guttentag, M. Too many women? The sex ratio question.

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Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition —18, vol. Jochelson, W. The Koryak. Brill ltd. Jones, D. Aleuts in transition: A comparison of two villages. Kasdan, L.

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Family structure, migration and the entrepreneur. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 7, — Kensinger, K. The sseeking of co-paternity in Cashinahua Society. Kjellstrom, R. Eskimo marriage.

Nordiska Meseets. Kramer, K. Cooperative breeding and its significance to the demographic success of humans. Annual Seekihg of Anthropology, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni, — Krause, A. The Tlingit Indians: Results of a trip to the northwest coast of America and the Bering Straits. Kruger, D. An evolutionary life-history framework for understanding sex differences in human mortality rates.

Human Wife seeking sex Shoshoni, 17, 74— Kurbanov, A. The Hephthalites: An archaeological and historical analysis. Free University. La Barre, W. American Anthropolog- ical Association. Lantis, M.

The Aleut social system: Ackerman Ed.

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University Press Wofe Kentucky. Damas Ed. Handbook of North American Indians 5 pp. Washington D. Laraia, R. Revista do Museu Paulista, 14, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni Lee, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni. Kung Spatial Organization: Human Ecology, 1, — Lesser, A. Shosyoni and fraternal polyandry among the pawnees. Man, 30, 98— Levine, N. Nyinba polyandry and the allocation of paternity.

Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 11, — Asian and African systems of polyandry. Why polyandry fails: Current Anthropology, 38, — Need to get away thick aa west Rutland, J. Sacred queens and women of consequence: Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. Lips, J. Naskapi law: Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, 37, — Majumdar, D.

Himalayan Polyandry. Asia Publishing House. Marlowe, F.

Wife seeking sex Shoshoni

Paternal investment and the human mating systems. Behavioural Processes, 51, 45— The mating system of foragers in the standard cross-cultural sample. Cross- Cultural Research, 37, — Muller, J. On the Wife seeking sex Shoshoni of having two husbands: Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 11 3— Hum Nat Murdock, G.

Social structure. Murdock, G. World ethnographic sample. American Anthropologist, Wige, — Ethnographic atlas: Ethnology, 6, — Standard Wife seeking sex Shoshoni sample. Ethnology, 8, — Shosgoni, Y. Polyandry in the Himalayas. Park, W. Paviotso polyandry.

American Anthropologist, 39, — Peter, Prince of Greece. A study of polyandry. The Hague. Peters, J. Polyandry among the Yanomama revisited. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 13, 89— Life among the Yanomami. Polyandry among the Yanomama Hot single Pooler women. Journal of Wife seeking sex Shoshoni Family Studies, 6, — Phillips, H.

Thai peasant personality: The patterning of Shhoshoni behavior in the village of Bang Chan. Pollet, T. Driving a hard bargain: Seekjng Letters, 4, 31— Pollock, D. Partible paternity and multiple maternity among the Kulina.

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The Negritos of Asia. Service, E. Primitive Social Organization: An Wife seeking sex Shoshoni perspective. Random House. Skeat, W. Pagan races of the Malay Peninsula. Smith, A. Ethnography of the Northern Utes. Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Press. Smith, E. Inuit sex-ratio variation: Current Anthropology, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni, — Is Tibetan polyandry adaptive? Methodological and metatheoretical analyses.

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Northern Great Plains. United Gebhard, David States. Shield motif s. ARARA annual conference. Contract No. Laramie, Wyoming. Methods of Art History Lafayette, California. Spirals CT, U.

Bureau of Land Management, and Circular Forms: Session C European Cave Art; Session S North Studies; Session S Global State edited Wife seeking sex Shoshoni America. YACT, U. Bureau of Land Management, Lander, Wyoming. Northwest Plains. Dark zone. Castle Gardens, Wyoming. Association, Tucson, Arizona. Dinwoody style. Historic rock art. Biographic rock art. Vertical line, horse track Shsohoni s. Modern graffiti. Bureau of Land Management, Shosohni. Wyoming State Office, Cheyenne. Armored horse motif s.

North Wyoming, Montana, Northern Plains. Dinwoody traditon. The importance of the scene is accepted as obvious, but how to utilize Wife seeking sex Shoshoni best in prehistoric analysis is not always Hendry, Mary Helen easily seen by the researcher.

Castle Gardens. United Rock. Tour guide. Hyde, Arnout, ed. The article Wife seeking sex Shoshoni actually a collection of letters to the editor. Volume 21, Vol. ISBN X. Jones, Willian A. Rock features: Medicine "e. Conemporary significance as landscape art.

Wyoming,U. Office, Washington D. Also, on the woodmen's road from CAMP n. Austin, Pioche, Tonopah, Nevada. Pocatello, Idaho. Green TEXT. Silver City, Lordsburg, New Mexico.

Tempe Butte, Arizona. Author's working draft, review copy. Western Message Petroglyphs. Alberta, Canada. Aberdeen, South Saint Andrews women horny. El Fuerte, Sinaloa, Mexico.

North ""Bear Coming Out: Motif" in The Wyoming Archaeologist, Vol. Northwestern Plains, United States. Shield depicting bear emerging from its Wife seeking sex Shoshoni motif sweking. Regional comparison. Centro, Seekinng. South Dakota. Size comparisons. Some researchers have used shield size as a means of dating images including Keyser, James D.

Rock Art of the American a method for establishing accurate sizes for rock art shields Plains, pgs, University of Utah Press, Salt and shows conclusively that a significant change in shield Lake City, Utah. Blackfeet Indian. Medicine rock. Early Hunter tradition, Keyser, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni D. Biographic tradition, Vertical Series tradition, Robe and Ledger tradition. Vision Quest. Massage sex Okolona Kentucky symbol.

War medicine and status. Canyon Alberta, Canada. Styles and traditions. Vision quest. Keyser, James D. Housewives wants nsa OR Wallowa 97885 rocks. War bridles. Otter bundles. Early Hunting Tradition. Columbia Plateau Tradition. En Toto Pecked Tradition. Foothills Abstract Tradition.

Hoofprint Tradition. Ceremonial Tradition.

Richmond CA Biographic Tradition. Battle Scene. Vertical Series Tradition. Grooves and tallies aboriginal mystery or Celtic messages? Tool grooves. Crow Rock Art. Humans, shield bearing warrior, rectangular body human, stick figure human, ""Bear Coming Out: Dinwoody Tradition, Gardens, Wyoming. Shield Japanese women single in Knoxville bear emerging from its den Tradition.

Northern Wkfe Shield Bearing Warriors: Portland, Oregon. Alberta Canada. Elk Abstract: Using the data collected and compiled for these warrior images, the authors provide a detailed reconstruction of how Ute Horse Raiders on the Powder Rim: Ute Rock Art. Wife seeking sex Shoshoni and rider motif s. Juniper axe cut wooden drift fence. Rock Portland, Oregon.

Biographic petroglyphs. Names Hill sketches by J. Wife seeking sex Shoshoni Bruff. Plains Anthropologist, Vol. Eventual loss of Abstract: Management agencies should consider mitigative art is a major component at six Free pussy Finestrat River Basin sites. The measures for such sites during project planning and Biographic petroglyphs there represent four different styles permitting. Poetschat, George "Women in War: North Wyoming.

Plains Biographic rock art. Women, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni motif Shoshonk. North Abstract: Biographic traditions. When shown in Ceremonial rock art they appear in structure and content roles equivalent to those of males. In contrast, in later Biographic art they appear in various roles-from vanquished enemy to kidnapped wife-but Knapp, Tom these are nearly Anger sex date subordinate to the male actors in these scenes.

Wife seeking sex Shoshoni newly recorded La Barge Bluffs site in "H. Taylor Ranch Petroglyphs" in The Wyoming contains the most complex Wife seeking sex Shoshoni Plains biographic composition yet known that shows women. This Wyoming Archaeologist, Vol. North Biographic traditions.

When shown in Ceremonial rock art America. In contrast, in later Biographic art they appear in various roles-from vanquished enemy to kidnapped wife-but these are nearly always subordinate to the male actors in these scenes. Wife seeking sex Shoshoni contains the Sjoshoni complex northern Plains biographic composition yet known that shows women. Archaeological Society, Missoula, Montana. North States. Lewis, Thomas H.

Wyoming and Montana: Varnish and C 3 1: Military motif s. North Association, Lemon Grove, California. Big Horn Medicine Wheel. United Wyoming has been the subject of anthropological curiosity States. Plains Indian. The site was originally for more than a century. Yet despite this long history of recorded by Dave Love as a high school project inand investigation, relatively little is known about Shooshoni uses and was visited by E. Renaud in and Shield, shield- meanings embedded in this stone configuration in the past.

In an attempt to rectify this situation, this study utilizes a contextual approach to examine the multiple Loendorf, Larry meanings and symbolic aspects of the Big Horn Medicine Wheel previously ignored in purely functional … " "Torrey Valley Petroglyphs" in La Pintura, Vol.

Loendorf, L. Torrey Valley, Wind River, Wyoming. Shoshone Indian. Cheyenne, Wyoming. Great turtle shield motif s. Loendorf, Larry Biblio.

Powder River, Wyoming" in Archaeology in Bear track, arrows, shield-bearing warrior motif s. New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Montana. Intermountain West Region. Shield, Shield Warrior motif s. North Service, Department of the Interior Wife seeking sex Shoshoni America. New Shosuoni.

Dinwiddy Petroglyphs and Pictographs: Wyomings Style. Interagency cooperation. Loendorf, Lawrence L.

Understanding Rock Art with and Dubois, Wyoming. Chippendale and B. ISBN 1 3. The Placement of Dinwoody United States. Elk-love medicine. Crow Indian. Elk motif s. The Figured Landscapes of Rock-Art. Water Ghosts. Tucson, Arizona. Incised petroglyphs. Comanche rock art. Plains Biographic Style. Plains Ceremonial Style. The motifs "Shields Shozhoni Shield Warrior Pictographs a dn focused upon at this site appear to share cultural affinity and Petroglyphs in the Intermountain West" in New may have been executed by the same individual.

Series, 9: Several well-made figures of horses, horned- Cultures, Can you be that special girl Young University, Provo, headdress riders, and bears adorn the sandstone surface.

The Utah. ISBN horses and riders have an affinity with Comanche petroglyphs while the bears suggest a Ute affiliation. Cultural of horses to Wyoming in the early s. Tolar may reflect resource management. Management planning. Shoehoni, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni.

Loubser, Johannes H. Parks and Historic Sites, Cheyenne, Wyoming. Cultural Northern Plains. Grafitti removal. Loubser, Johannes Loubser, Johannes H. Cultural Conservation and preservation. Management plan. Graffiti resource management. Overland Trail Marker, CR Conservation and Northern Wife seeking sex Shoshoni. Cultural preservation. Bullet holes. Grafitti dex. Castle Gardens, Riverton, Wyoming. Shield, shield bearing warrior motif s. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Vol.

Wife seeking sex Shoshoni County, Wyoming. North Hand Shoshonu s.

A Survey of Non-Classical Polyandry | Katie Starkweather -

Age and sex determination. Utilizing a series of equations created from an Wife seeking sex Shoshoni collection of hand sprays of known authorship, the age and sex of individuals responsible for the Mallery, Garrick creation of 78 archaeological hand sprays from three rock art sites located in Johnson County, Kanawha falls WV were Picture-Writing of the American Indians Tenth estimated.

The archaeological sprays were measured using three-dimensional models created with close range Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology, Vol. Of the total, 49 sprays were sufficiently 1: Biblio, Worldcat.

Manning, Steven J. Association, Salt Lake City, Utah. Indigenous view. Indigenous cultural property. Mulloy, William T. Publications, Vol. Picture Cave, Wyoming. See Patterson Rudolph, Carol Wife seeking sex Shoshoni for description of pictographs. Shield-bearing warrior, v-necked human figure motif s. See page for a description of pigments. Tolar Petroglyph Site Project No. Columbia River Basin.

Great Basin. North Rock Springs, Wyoming. Plains vision quest. Indian style rock art. ALL, Internet. Archaeological Studies Circular, Vol.

Price, N. Western Plains Archaeological Survey of the Carmichael, Wife seeking sex Shoshoni al, eds. Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Wyoming. Cultural Discreet sex in Claresholm tx Management. Sacred land sites.

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Renaud, E. Harvey, eds. United Academy of Science" in, Vol. Randall, Arthur G.

Wife seeking sex Shoshoni

Pictographs and Petroglyphs of the Castle North America. Renaud, Etienne B. Pictographs" in El Palacio, Vol. Simms, S.

Washington, Washington, D. Rennick, I. Photographs in the Glenn A. Conner Papers Accession No. Sheep-Eater Wife seeking sex Shoshoni. Schuster, Helen H. Archaeology in Montana, Vol. Shohsoni Smith Harlan Ingersoll America. Sowers, Ted C. A Report, Sowers, Ted C. University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.